Weird BSOD w/ New System Build.... Please Help!!!

Motherboard GA-EP35-DS3L S series
Processor Core 2 Quad Q6600
2x 2GB PC-6400 G.Skill Memmory
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB HD
MSI 8800GTS 512
PC P&P 610 PSU

Ive been able to install windows w/ both sticks of memory

I get to the desktop no problems, use the internet, play music/videos download my antivisus and all that.

I tried to download Ntune. gave me a BSOD when i tried to run the stress test

Since then ive gotten BSOD in completely random situations, but only when im doing something. If the computer is sitting idle it wont BSOD.

On first bootup, i recieved a message saying that my chipset driver is incompatable... since then, i wiped the CMOS and reinstalled windows 3x, and redid the chipset/lan/audio/video drivers.

The first time i installed the motherboard drivers off the CD, the computer froze and i needed to restart it. I believe thats why i got that error message, but since then its non stop BSOD

I managed to catch one of the BSOD messages and it said DRIVER_IRQL_NO LESS OR EQUAL

That for sure wasnt the only BSOD message tho, only the one i noticed cause it blinks too quick.

Right now, i tried installing age of conan when i thot the computer was stable, and it was installing for a good 45 minutes.... and when it was almost done, it BSOD. This was by far the longest the computer was on doing something...

i just started running windows memmory diagnostic tool, and it says that there were hardware problems detected... so the rams bad huh?
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  1. you did WHAT with Windows 3.x??
  2. no i wiped it 3x

    problems solved btw... it was a bad stick, but i guess i overdiagnosed it cause i hate to RMA
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