My personal best OC, Phenom 9950BE

I was fooling around with my system today and decided to push the OC. There may be more headroom but I was pleased to see a 3.333 GHZ OC and a 3Dmark06 score of 15644. Has anyone had better luck with their 9950be? Mine is the 125w version.

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  1. Nice shot ! i cant zoom the screen ... GPU ? RAM ? MOBO ? PSU ?
  2. GPU - Asus dk 4870 1gb @ 840\985
    RAM - Gskill 2x2 gb 4-4-4-12
    MB - Asus M3A3 mvp delux wifi
    PSU - I forget, not a main brand, 601 watts
    HSF -
    WIN XP Pro 32 bit

    One thing that I think is really good is that at the Furturemark web site you can compare scores and I saw where some Phenom II 940's are hitting as high as 22k.
  3. teh 3dmark score is really CPU+GPU dependant. Its not the real gaming performance but its a nice tool for tweaking.

    My score is near 17k (16675). Was 16591 with my SLI 9800GTX+ and CPU @ 3.6

    Im happy ti beat My sli with this GTX285 ;) it worth it :D
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