Acer Aspire 4310 (No Internet Connection)

Hey guys.. i just need a little help to get my internet started on a laptop that i have
its Acer Aspire 4310. There was a little virus problem with the computer so i restored and updated OS to Windows XP Pro.
everything else runs fine but i have no internet. i could not find any drivers and even if i did it wouldn't work.
a little walk through would be helpful.
please its the only tool to help me in my studies.

i can provide you with more information if you want but i need to know which.

(i have used this forum to solve one of my problem and they were kind enough to help me fix it. i hope the same this time)
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  1. You say you updated it to XP Pro. What version of Windows was running on the laptop before you updated it?

  2. i dont know
    because it was a messed up computer it woudnt go further than MSDOS screen than i had to put this OS
  3. What version of Windows is listed on the Product Key sticker?

  4. It could be that the on-board ethernet card driver was not installed. Also, other system drivers maybe needed. Use a usb thumb drive to get the drivers for the Acer laptop from the Acer website. Then copy to the laptop and install them.
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