My Data Is Gone - I Have Raid 1 Array - Can It Be Recovered?

Hello Everybody ---
I am in some serious trouble. I purchased a Caldigit VR because I wanted to make sure my files would be okay in case something happened. I set the system up for a RAID 1 Array -- Two Hard drives = 596GB -- I used it about two weeks before I started using it for my main storage array for some important files.

However, I turned on my computer today.....and the drive isn't showing up. I go to disk managment and it says the drive isn't even Initialized?!?! What the heck!?

So now I'm freaking out because I know I can't reformat -- That would be suicide for all the data that is on those drives. It has to still be there - Nothing has been erased! The display on the front of the Caldigit still says Raid 1 - GOOD, so its not like it has been completely wiped.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do?
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  1. I suggest the problem may not be with the drive unit at all, but is really a communication problem between your computer and drive. Check for things like a loose cable connection, or see if re-installing any driver it requires will help.
  2. Just wanted to let everyone know that the data was recovered using TestDisk -- It found the partition and I copied everything back to my primary hard drive to get it working again.
    Thanks for your help!
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