Need help finding brand name mobo

After having my first mobo die on me, GA-P35-DSL3, and realizing how long the RMA process is, and having to call the company several times to get my RMA started. I am a little doubtfull of gigabyte as my preferred mobo manufacturer.

I'm trying to find a mobo that has these specs for under 100 bucks from a mobo manufactuer with a good customer service.

Dual Channel DDR2 800+, 2+ slots
FSB 800+
atleast 1 PCI-E 8x or 16x
Gigabit Lan

Its going to replace a board in a NAS/server running windows 2003 64 bit. Needs to be rock solid and stable.
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  1. You don't need to call GB up for rma. Do it online.

    I've done it twice for 2 boards. One is back in working order. Turnaround is about 4 weeks including 2-way shipping. rma is free, but the board will be the same. You pay only 1 way shipping.

    If you don't o/c, you might want Intel boards for stability. Any of the P35 is fine. However, Intel is abandoning floppy & PS/2 keyb/mouse. If you need those, look at ASUS like P5K-E.
  2. i had to call them up because it had been almost a week with no RMA number issued after i submitted my request online, ontop of that when i called the first time the RMA website was down, even the guy i spoke with said he couldn't do jack till it got up and running.

    Maybe 4 weeks turnaround is standard for RMA, but not when you use your computer for work. What do they expect us to do? Twiddle our thumbs while we wait? I went and bought a P5N-D from ASUS and popped that in my rig because there is no way i could wait 4+ weeks. IMO They should have something like western digital's advanced rma where they send you a replacement and a return label for your busted HDD.


    the p5k-e is a little over my budget, nice board though.

    I'll look into the intel boards, however, i do appreciate overclock features, i like the ability to tune my parts so everything is perfectly in sync for a stability build that is.

    Do intel boards have good customer service?
  3. Cheap price, decent quality, good customer service: pick two.
    I certainly wouldn't trust a less-than-$100 MB for a server.
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