E5200 overclocking to 3.0 ghz

Guys, I have been reading posts about how I can overclock an e5200, all of them said it is very easy to overclock it at a stable 3.0 Ghz. But I kept on playing with my FSB, I tried 240x12.5(fixed mult). I have my fsb:ram at 5:4 and everything is in auto or not unlocked in my board.Orthos and occt kept giving me error reports.I was able to make it stabe at 2.974 Ghz, but going higher is impossible, I really want to hit the 3.0 ghz speed. Can somebody possibly help me with this. This are my pc specs: 2.5 Ghz e5200(stock), 2Gb ddr2 Apacer(pc 6400), Ge force 8400 gs(512mb), P55G mobo(Pc Chips), Chipset Ge force 7050, southbridge nforce 610i. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou
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  1. Read the How To sticky.
  2. Yes I already read that post, but to no avail. My board has a locked feature for changing the multiplier and core voltage, I can only tweak the basics like the fsb and mem timing, I really have a little room to work on, with those features, can you tell what I can do? thanks
  3. Check page 31 and 32 of your motherboard manual. You have to manually put 1066 in the BSEL. You can find in the BIOS screen, Frequency Voltage Control.

    You'll also have to bump up your NB voltage until your system is stable. Keep an eye on the CPU temps for any heat issues.
  4. Ok I'll try, but what should I do with the fsb? should I change it to auto? How about the fsb:ram? Should I also set it to auto?What should I do?
  5. I tried, but I can only stay for 2 minutes on the prime 95 stress test..
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