Memory Timings Driving Me Crazy

Hi guys, heres my setup


GX2 9800

6GB DDR2 800

300GB SATA 2



Right, I have been trying to get a stable overclock but to no joy, I have put it down to my memory timings. I have kept everything at stock and I am trying to find a stable memory setting, I have looked in CPU-Z under the SPD tab but it has no information on the rated memory timings. The ram is cheap ram from ebay but it has samsung chips on it though. I am very confused as I know that my memory timings are holding me back but I have no idea what to set it to.

I would like to hit 3.00ghz with 333 fsb overclock on my processor and that would leave my ram at 666 mhz which would be underclocked as it is ddr 800.

I really could do with some help on the memory timings and advice. Its driving me crazy, I am getting prime time 95 fatal errors which I have looked up and it is the ram.

Thank you guys
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  1. Normal timings would be in the 5 5 5 15 range.
    My budget ram has the following CAS5, RAS TO CAS 5, RAS PRECHARGE 5, TRAS 15, TRC 23.
    Shout when you need some more
  2. Try to find out how much voltage your ram can take, you might need to increase the voltage because you have three sticks of ram on your motherboard.
  3. Hi and thanks for reply I have increased my voltage all the way to 2.20v , dont want to go higher incase i fry it, i cant find the stock voltages for it because its budget ram :(.
  4. The stock voltage is 1.8 V, 2.2 V might be a little on the high side.I have Geil black dragon series running at 2.0 V and can take as much as 2.4. Seeing as you have generic ram you shouldn't go past 2.1 imho.
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