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i recently reinstalled my partners laptop after it had a virus. I successfully did that but when i tried to reactivate windows vista it would not do so. it comes up with the error message error code 0xc004f063. I understand i had to deactivate the old code before a fresh reinstall. any suggestions?
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  1. What brand of Laptop and did you use their recovery disks or a generic OEM install media ? That error code is usually caused by trying to activate a branded OEM license using the SLP key on a MOBO that is not the specific brand that the SLP key is designed for or that does not have the proper BIOS microcode for that OEM.

    Major OEMs have their distinct SLP code key that will work for all machines that have their BIOS code installed and activate automatically on machines with their BIOS - If you try to install using that key on a MOBO without the proper BIOS that error comes up since the other portion of the license that is in the BIOS chip on the MOBO is not found. (It can also happen sometimes if for some reason you have updated the BIOS since purchase)

    If you are using a Generic install media or install media from some other manufacturer you will need to change the license key by entering the Key that is on the sticker on the bottom of the laptop (This key is different from the SLP key that is encoded on the recovery disks and is there to be used for reinstalls when the SLP key is not working and should work.)

    You will usually need to use the Phone activation process as the auto activation will usually fail but calling the phone activation line and reading the listed key that the activation screen shows after inputting the key from the label will normally get a proper response code from the automated system to input and activate the license.
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