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Hi all,

I just joined today, having browsed these forums in the past with good results!

Anyway, here's the scoop. I just built a new system, specs are below. Everything went perfectly smooth through the OS install. Then, I went ahead and OC'd the processor up to about 3.4GHz - any more than that, and it went unstable. I could maybe have upped the voltages, but I just decided to do the simplest overclock I could. Anyway, the machine passed all memory tests (memtest+) and CPU burn-in tests (2 instances of Orthos) I threw at it.

Then, I move on to "real world testing". I load on a few games, namely Crysis and CoD4. The thing runs like a champ. Very smooth, great performance, and absolutely NO INSTABILITY. It doesn't matter if I play Crysis for 8 hours straight, there are no issues.

Then I watched a DVD movie. Everything still fine. But then the next day I watched another DVD... the darn thing froze on me (as in a hard freeze) halfway through. I thought, "Well that's weird." So, I reset the computer, and checked the event log, and couldn't find anything. Then, I started the movie up again, and it played through fine. Since then, I've had like 4 more movies crash on me.

What's more, if I watch videos on the internet, be it Youtube.com, Break.com, etc., and put the video into fullscreen mode, the very same thing happens, only much more frequent. Like, any given streaming video I watch, there's a good chance the computer will hard freeze within about 5 or 10 minutes, many times much sooner. Only I have only noticed this in fullscreen. I have yet to notice any issue with a windowed video.

So, I says to myself, I guess the damn thing's just not stable (although the idea that I can stress it so hard without a hiccup, only to have youtube kill it really perplexes me). Anyway - next step: remove the overclock. So I go into the BIOS and restore all default settings (which even resets my DDR2-1066 memory to an 800MHz clock). I test it again, but it still locks up on me.

Maybe it's a cooling problem? I open the case all the way, and put a big ol' fan in front of it at full blast. Still locks up. Maybe the power supply can't handle dual video cards? I remove one. Still locks up. I really have NO IDEA what the hell is going on here. Logic tells me that it can't be a hardware issue. Are there any known video playback issues in Vista64 SP1? I've tried googling it, but most of the little I can find also includes issues while playing games and using a defrag utility.

Anyway, I've stayed up as late as I am willing to figure this out. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Vista Business x64 SP1
XFX nForce 780i
Intel Q9300 2.5GHz
8GB Mushkin DDR2-1066
2 MSI GeForce 8800GTS 512
SeaSonic 700W 80PLUS
Seagate 250GB SATA II
LG Blu-ray/HD-DVD Drive
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  1. check your drivers, make sure they are all the most recent
  2. I'm not so sure its vista, I have zero issues with vista64 and I run it on an A64 3500+ and 2gb RAM. Full screen movies work fine.
  3. If it is a hardware problem, which it most assuredly isn't, it would be ram related. If it is not, it is a problem with what changed on your system when you loaded players or codecs for your web browsing.

    Be extremely careful what you load on your PC from the internet, no matter what site it is from or how trivial you might think it to be...even if it is utterly benign, it might upset some hidden setting causing outrageous results.

    Also and more sinister: there are deep shenanigans inside Vista and Forceware drivers regarding DRM, they won't say it, but they have added technically dubious methods inside their software suites and instability is a symptom of the underlying messy DRM checks when watching "protected content".
  4. Ok, thanks. I think I'll go ahead and try to reinsall the motherboard chipset drivers, as well as uninstall a codec pack (K-Lite Full) that I use. Although, the problem was present previous to installing said codec pack... It's definitely worth a shot though. I'll let you know.

  5. It is NOT a memory problem, it is a BIOS issue with the 780i MB. Flash to the latest version(P05p for my evga 780i) and the problem should be solved.
  6. dougman82 said:
    Ok, thanks. I think I'll go ahead and try to reinsall the motherboard chipset drivers, as well as uninstall a codec pack (K-Lite Full) that I use. Although, the problem was present previous to installing said codec pack... It's definitely worth a shot though. I'll let you know.


    If it was present before K-lite then it's not K-lite. Did you check for BIOS updates as per the other post as well? That would explain the memory speed errors.
  7. I've been having this same exact issue as well. I have the EVGA 780i board. Did you ever find out the problem?
  8. I have the exact same problem, EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW motherboard, I can't find anything in logs either after the restart, when watching full screen flash videos I can expect the system to hard freeze within a few minutes (5-10 max) and the sound skips slightly on the last thing that was in the buffer.
  9. Gentlemen,
    Nice information posted here. I also have the same problem; Full screen movies freeze system, full screen You Tube freezes system. tried upgrading xfx 9800 gtx+ drivers and system indicated, unable to detect vista 32, aborting upgrade. Checked error on forums and found out this is a very common problem. I have also heard Bios P07 has helped significanlty with the driver conflicts. Can anybody shoot me a link for the xfx 790i P07 Bios to upgrade my system? I heard P08 has some problems but P07 is sound. Thank you for all your support

    Please respond to email:

  10. You dug up an old post to ask for a BIOS update link? You can register at www.xfxforce.com/en-us/Help/Support.aspx to download the new BIOS.
  11. Ok, so I have the Same @$#&in' problem and it really ticks me off I have just bought a Brand New ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024mb xfx card and have tried Everything. 1. First was to check Ram Errors, Did that 2.Second, was to turn back any overclocking(I don't Overclock Ever) 3.Was to turn On(not auto) your Onboard video, in your Bios and install drivers, (Did that and Was Impressed for a week,(the problem just resurfaced again). It happens only in Video streams and Not Ever In-game..only on the desktop. Before I turned on the Onboard video it would happen three times an Hour just doing "stuff" on my desktop, now it only happens when I'm playing video. It Happens Twice as much with K-Lite than with VLC....which seems to go an hour or so without messing up, K-lite every 20 mins or so..wierd may be a streaming codec problem from Ms cause it will happen In a Fresh copy of Windows 7. Or who knows Nvidia. Or perhaps...Amd...dum... dum ...dummmmm...sheesh! Somebody help me fix this....

    Now I'm just holding my Cheese in the wind hoping for a Firey hailstorm to come and wash it all away...lol

    Here are my specs:

    Abit An78 HD ==Nvidia chipset(mcp78s) ---Im beginning to think it's an Nvidia problem with the hybrid chipsets.
    AMD Am2 x2 4200+ brisbane 2.2ghz
    XFX Ati Radeon 5770 1gb ram
    2x2gig OCZ Fatality/Nvidia ram
    Rocketfish 750w Modular ps
    western digital 500gig
    western digital green 640gig
    western digital caviar blue 400gig
    Windows7 Ultimate

    "Why is it you say you, "Wish me to SEE the LIGHT?", Whilst you BLIND me with your Arrogance?"-Anonymous
  12. I know this is an old post, but anyone find a fix to this problem? It just started happening to me, and I believe it's because I installed the new AMD drivers to play BF3 beta (started happening after I installed the drivers). I'm assuming I need to roll back, but that means I won't be able to play BF3. Is there a work around?

    My specs are:

    i5 750
    Radeon 5770
    OCZ dual channel 4 Gigs of RAM
    p55-usb3 mobo
    windows 7 professional sp1 64-bit
    seagate 1T

    if you were wondering...

    edit: I rolled back drivers to ATI, and full screen youtube no longer crashes my computer. It seems that it was the AMD drivers.
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