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I'm having a new computer built and i'm having trouble selecting components that will get me the best performance for playing a game like crysis. i've never had a computer for gaming and want something really good. i don't know which card to get i know a little about the 3870 x2 but don't know if i should get 2 of them for crossfire and there is a 8800 gtx again should i get 2 for sli? but i don't know what ram or motherboard to match to each of these nor do i know which is the best option

right now i'm leaning towards these components simply because they seem to be the best to my uneducated opinion however they are also very expensive.

intel core 2 quad 9450
nforce 790i
geforce 9800 gx2
4 GB DDR3 1600
coolermaster 1250 watt power supply

i notice a lot of people select ddr2 but all i know is 3 is higher than 2 so it must be better. I want the cheapest option keeping in mind I want high performace and something that will last a few years.
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  1. DDR3 offers minimal to zero performance gain over DDR2 at this point in time.

    Just because a piece of hardware is expensive, doesn't mean it offers ANY performance gain over lower priced hardware, much less enough enhanced performance to justify the higher price.

    Quad core doesn't offer advantage over Dual Core for gaming purposes with today's games, though that may change 1-2 years (probably more) from now.

    A place to start reading:
  2. thanks for the link to your other post i found a lot of that information useful. i've chosen some new components i'm going to go with

    4 gb corsair ddr2
    abit ip35 motherboard
    640gb hdd

    the thing is though that i really want the nforce 9800 gx2 graphics card. i have a couple more questions

    1. what power supply would you recomment for that card it needs an 8 pin connector

    2. can the motherboard i selected handle that card since it's dual gpu or any other reason it can't handle it

    3. are there any bottlenecks in that system where i wouldn't want that card?
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