ATI 3870x2 on single X16 board?

Hi i am a newbie here, i read the sticky thread but i cant find an answer if it possible to run a ATI HD 3870X2 on single PCIE x16 motherboard. I read that 9800X2 can run on non SLI motherboard but how about 3870X2?

My board is an old Asus P5LD2-X(945) and Asus P5K(P35)

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  1. Yep - it'll run just fine on any motherboard with an X16 slot - no crossfire support or anything like that needed.

    here said that u can run 3870x2 on these chips:

    AMD 790FX
    AMD 790X

    AMD 580X

    AMD 480X

    ATI CrossFire XpressTM 3200

    Intel® X48

    Intel® X38

    Intel® 975X Express

    Intel® P965 Express

    Intel® P35 Express

    so u can run it on p5k but on p5LD2??it's not on the list:D
  3. There shouldn't be any problems with the P5LD2, it uses the Intel 945 chipset and is supposed to work with Crossfire. Quote from features of board
    "Universal PCI Express
    The Universal PCI Express technology offers utilization flexibility of the Southbridge PCI Express interface. It enables users to plug in an additional PCI Express graphics card to set up a dual graphics card platform on a single motherboard. ASUS' own smart quick switch further detects how users installed their PCI Express devices, and intelligently reroutes the PCI Express lanes for optimized bandwidth allocation."
  4. Thanks for the replies :)
    I am torn between Asus p5k and p5LD2, P5LD2 is alot cheaper and a single slot solution, but P5K is using younger chipset(P35E) and has dual X16 slot. I am really on a tight budget(real tight :() but will spend an extra(just a little) money for motherboard which is more future-proof. Which one should i choose? What is the advantage of P35E chipset over 945?

    Best Regards
    Rizki P
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