My internet suddenly stopped working on my laptop!

I think this is where it goes

I was watching a video, and went into offline mode in firefox. I was using a laptop with a switch on the bottom to turn on or off the wireless internet card. It is blue when on and orange when off. I closed firefox, I was still in offline mode, and the light on the bottom didnt turn from orange back to blue!
I tried rebooting, which made the problem worse. I had the hp wireless assistent working but when I restarted, it would open! I did a diagnostic test in windows and it said
Install wireless networking hardware, and verify that the correct drivers are loaded.
I even tried to reinstall the wireless driver, and I will try again in a sec.
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  1. I tried reinstalling and rebooting several times, no dice.
    I have also tried system restore, but if has been failing for some reason.
    Now that I have checked what devices I have installed in the device manager, I can't find a network thing for what I have installed. Where are you suppose to find it? I only see something from nvidia in the network adapeters


    Just got a response from hp, they say that it is a hardware problem, but I doubt it
  2. ok im feeling silly for posting this but can you open firefox / ie and turn off offline mode?

    surely the wifi card is a hardware switch so the software you have installed shouldnt affect the colour of the led. have you tried unplugging, removing battery, flicking the switch to on, put the battery back in and then turning on?
  3. I can open firefox, but there is not online mode, only an offline mode with with a check next to it, and there is no check right now. I can check it then uncheck it, but that doesnt work either. I am trying your idea right now

    took out the battery, didnt work
    trying firefox and ie now
    didnt work either

    I am getting some free support from hp, but it will take like 2 weeks to get back.
    Anything I can try to do before I send it in 2 days?
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