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I'm looking for a good software (freeware?) that can be used to merge a video clip and extracted audio, while keeping the video speed exact.
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    Check on the codec and tools part, but if you install the full AutoGK suite you should have what you need.
  2. hang-the-9,

    Thanks for you reply; you are dealing with a basic user - I'm clueless on 99% of this. I downloaded AutoGK, and my first video attempt (22 min VOB) stopped and said "Video Compression Error" Video format not acceptable". My second clip (3 min VOB) read "openavi failed". I'm already lost as to what to do next. I started with 2GB DVDr, then changed it to 1/4 DVDDVDr. What's the next step?
  3. That is not a simple program to use, but what you are trying to do is not just a convert file procedure, and may take some work to get right. A commertial tool may do the work easier, but I have not used them a lot so can't recommend one. Take a look here

    There are tutorials available for AutoGK, is one good site. If you check out the root of that site, you will find out pretty much all you ever need to know about working with video files. May take you a bit to wade through all the info though.
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