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Hello, I have a very old Visor handheld device--state of the art in 1999, but now I can't seem to sync it to anything! I have Outlook 2007 and at home I have a MacBook with OS 10. I also have an iTouch. I need to sync my visor to something! No one in our IT Dept at work or at Apple seems to be able to help. The software download for Windows from the Palm site says "null". The one for MAC says "not available for 10.2 and no plans to make it". How can I transfer my (important) data from my visor to one of these other platforms?
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  1. You probably can't unless you find an older PC with an old OS on it, and do the transfer then. The Visor as a brand died out (Handspring I think was bought out by Palm at some point, they were not around for long from what I rmember), so finding anything current on it is pretty much impossible.

    Post an ad on craigslist or something saying you are looking for someone with a Visor software disk if you don't have one, then you can install it on a PC with Win98 or 2000.
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