Is my memory causing these corrupt installations?

Previously I only had 1 Gb memory, so bought 2x2gb memory making it a total of 4gb. The RAM I bought was same manufacturer, type, rates, cas and latency as shown:

Old memory 1gb:
New memory 4gb:


After I installed it i started having problems playing TF2 and some programs became corrupt when I tried installing them, files wouldn't copy over etc. Ive ran Memorytest 3.4 and everything seems fine. I reformatted and put on XP64, however im still having problems. Steam and World ofWarcraft are corrupt and other installations like spydoctor, acrobat reader, Microsoft security updates and Word 2007 becomes corrupt when I try install them. Its always the same problem, some file cant copy over so it chokes and reverts the installation.

What may be causing all of this? Is it my new memory?

Ive re-installed my OS, ran defrag, checkdisk, memory3.4-test, I have ran hardware diagnostics and nothing comes up as wrong. I also installed the programs on another hard drive to see if its my drive but i get the same corruption errors. Please help!
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  1. Ok I put in my old memory and I could install officer and world of warcraft fine. Im guessing there's something wrong with my memory, is it not compatible with my motehrboard or is the memory perhaps bad?
  2. Neither the old or new memory is on the mobo compatibility list - not a positive sign but no necessarily a deal killer.

    The new memory requires 2.1v compared to 2.0 for the old. First I would go into BIOS and increase the voltage - but just +0.1.

    When you run memtest, how long are you running it for? A good test should be at least 8 hours and preferably 24 hrs. to be sure, although usually you will find the error - if there is one after a couple of hours - but not always.

    Download CPUz and run it with both the old and new memory and see what it reports for timings and voltages and alternative SPID settings.

    Since the new memory has lower latency, you might need to adjust some other timings in the BIOS - let's see what the above says.

    Foxconn's web site lists a forum. Did you search there to see if other users of your mobo had similar issues? The forum is listed on the directory, although when I tried to open it I got the old not available page.
  3. I was thinking about the coltage too, but I wasnt sure if it would actually make a difference.

    I narrowed it down to its def the memory causing these performance and install errors.

    I ran the memtest for 4 hours, rocky.

    Just looking at the specs of the mobo and memory. it should work fine right? I dont see why it wouldnt be compatible since the new ram is basically the same as the old just a little faster and more of it.
  4. Well all the memory on the QVL is rated for 1.8v, so your mobo dont like high volt ram. Your old memory ran on 2.0 your new needs 2.1 possibly 2.2 for 4G. Bad news is your motherboard dont want to run that kind of voltage.

    My friend and I fixed his PC yesterday he was running 1200 DDR2 @ 2.2v and it wasnt stable at all, we brought it down to 950 @ 1.9 volts and now he is stable and even got a extra 500MHz out of his CPU. He is running 4.5 now on his CPU. It was a classic case of the motherboard not liking high voltage.

    You may not like it but you will need different ram or slow it down with lower voltage.
  5. Ok I sent the memory back cus im having so many issues. if I want roughly 4gb, from patriot what memory should I buy thats compatible so I wont have the same problem?
  6. sunk500 said:
    Ok I sent the memory back cus im having so many issues. if I want roughly 4gb, from patriot what memory should I buy thats compatible so I wont have the same problem?

    obviously,,, you will have to get the same exact ram or,,completely new identical ram,,also be aware that some mobo's have problems with 4x1 ram,check your mobo's manual
    and get the qvl from the mobo's home site and go from there..:>)
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