When wood meets wireless

Hey guys, just a quick question.

I'm in the final steps before ordering parts for a custom computer that I'll be building into a 1940s wooden radio. My last concern is about the two wireless devices that I'll have in the case. The build will be with a mini-ITX board, a single HD, no built in optical drive, a wireless PCI card and a wireless keyboard/mouse combo.

I'm planning on using a wireless PCI card with an attached antennae, which will be completely housed inside the case, and a wireless keyboard which uses a USB stick (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823130006) which will also be completely housed in the case.

My concerns:
Will the two 2.4GHz devices interrupt each others signals? From what I've read, the answer seems to be no.
Will the wood housing have any impact on the reception of either the wireless internet or keyboard signal? Again, I would imagine no (wireless does pass through walls after all) but I thought I'd check.
Is there anything else I'm not considering that might be a problem with a build like this?
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  1. If you put the 2 devices on the same channel I would think they could interfere. But otherwise, you might be ok.

    On the housing, you know there are some cards that will allow you to plug into the back of your card and have a cord going to an antennae that sits on top of your tower. Might give you better reception.

    If your wireless keyboard uses batteries, pick up rechargables. So much nicer!!
  2. Glad to see you haven't given up on this build.

    some miniITX boards have some laptop miniPCIe slots. perfect for a wireless card, and much smaller.

    I don't see a problem with your plans.
  3. The wood may act as an insulator and block a wireless signal if the computer is totally housed within it. In that case, a USB hub that is outside the computer probably would solve the problem, with the receiver being connected to it.
  4. Thanks guys for the feedback! Hopefully, I'll be ordering the parts and posting pics very soon :)
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