What games can i max out with this system?

I was just wondering what games i could max out around 50-60 fps on this new rig

my max resolution will be 1440 x 900

E8400(will overclock later)
8800GTS 512
4 gigs DDR 1066 ram dual channel
vista x64

I appriciate all help, the games don't have to be very new either
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  1. Solitaire :)

    Look, you should get about 40 fps in Crysis with settings on high at 1280x1024.

    On Vista, with "very high", at 1440x900, you will still get over 30fps, I think.

    If this PC can play Crysis like that, you can bet it plays anything well. It's a very good PC. Stop worrying now...
  2. Just about every game on the market.
  3. You should be ok with solitare, but you might struggle on Ultimate Solitare.
  4. sounds good, I'll get the crysis demo and see how things go, i hope i get things up and running by tonight

    I'm just really excited, hope all my components work, the wait would be terrible if i had to RMA anything
  5. Good luck!

    You can get the UBCD from here http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ and run some tests if you want.
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