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Hi All,

My WD Element 1 TB recently developed a problem where I got several messages in Windows XP that the $MFT could not be written to.

Basically I ignored the warning and continued to use the HDD. However, as of 2 days ago, I found that the filesystem was truncated, ie I was able to see some of the directories, but others were lost. For those that I could see, some were inaccessible.
Interestingly too, uTorrent was able to access some of the invisible directories where existing torrents pointed to but not all of them. Lastly, properties page of the HDD shows that disk usage was correct, ie no extra space freed.

My suspicion was that the filesystem structure had been corrupted and the pointers to the files objects were inconsistent.

My question would be:

Would there be any software or manual approach that allow me to recover the filesystem structure instead of doing a full data recovery? Given that it's 1TB and there's tons of files in it, I would prefer not to use a data recovery approach and rename individual recovered files.
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  1. The info available at combined with Testdisk available for download at may help.
  2. I really don't know if this software will do your job, but it has a good trial offer deal. Look for Getbackdata NTFS. You can download and run a free trial version. If will analyze your disk and show you exactly what it would look like if you have it repair your disk. If you think that is exactly what you want and it does the whole job, you pay them their price for the software and it finishes the repair job for you. You have a repaired disk plus a new legit piece of software. installed. On the other hand, if you don't like the projected result, you say no and it quits without changing anything on your disk.
  3. Active File Recovery.
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