MSI P45-Neo F - OCZ 1066 mhz issue

Greetings guys. First of all this is my first post on this forum. Thx a lot for the techpowerup staff for this beautiful website. By the way, i'm kinda new to core 2 duo & other stuff. It's been a long time since i've made my previous upgrade.
Anyways, a week ago i just upgraded my system, and i bought;

Intel e8500
MSI P45 Neo-F
OCZ Reaper hpc 1066 mhz 1gbx2
Palit Gtx 260
( i run this system with a 600w coolermaster psu )

I didn't have much time to make a research before buying those stuff, i admit i made some noobish choices about this configuration:banghead: and it seems msi p45 series have some sort of troubles with 1066 mhz rams. The board came with v1.0 bios, and i've upgraded it to v1.3 but it didn't really helped with my ram issue.
The problem is, when the rams are working on 800mhz, they work stable. But when i adjust the rams for 1066 mhz on 2.1, 2.2, 2.3v it seems to work on 1066 but the system becomes unstable. I've tried to contact MSI but it seems i'll have to wait for a newer version of bios, which exactly fixes this issue ( i've read about the 1.4v it seems the problem still exists, so i didn't flashed my bios to 1.3 to 1.4 ).
Since i'm new to this stuff i've just wanted to be sure that at least my rams are working in 800mhz.
Let me give you the readings which i've got with cpu-z program.

According to this readings on the first screen cpu-z my rams are ddr3 ( it's kinda funny that it shows it that way ). DRAM frequency seems to be 401.0mhz and that's ok but on the second screen it says " Max Bandwidth 333mhz ". Now i'm really confused here. I've adjusted the fsb to 1333 and rams to 800 ( i think it was 1.20 ) but in cpu-z it shows max bandwitdth as 333. So according to this data, does my rams work in 667 mhz or am i just confused with that max bandwitdh thing? ( if it's working on 667 mhz i might return my 1066 rams and buy a 800mhz kit ).

The second thing is i can't find any programs on palit's website to adjust the fan speed. I'd love someone to recommend me a useful program for making such adjustments.

This topic might seem to be about memory but according to my research, it seems to happen because of this board ;)

Thx a lot for your attention, i hope i can find some solution through this topic...
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  1. You need to up your NB voltage me thinks. Then, 2.1v on the RAM should be fine. I'm not familiar with the mobo so I can't give advice on how much you may need to increase your Northbridge voltage, but I'd do it very carefully. ...but I'm pretty sure RAM at overcocked to 1066 on needs more than stock northbridge voltage.

    You may know that all RAM sold as 1066 (PC8500) is sold at its overclocked value. PC6400 (800Mhz RAM) is the highest JEDEC standard.

    My .02 cents.
  2. Stay away from OCZ RAM -- it's just lower-quality RAM factory-overclocked to good-sounding-numbers. The SPD tab on CPU-Z reports the various speed/timing combinations stored in the DIMM module, not the current speed it is being run at. However, the SPD data in your cap shows that your RAM module is just DDR2-667 with factory overclock settings. You'll be much better off getting decent DDR2-800 RAM spec'd at 1.8V-1.9V.
  3. I have to disagree Mondoman, I've got 8GB of the OCZ Reapers and have had them at over 1.1Ghz quite stably on a simple Asus Rampage Formula.

    What is it, precisely, that is inferior about them?

    You must not forget that the Reapers are quite economical and despite that, they run quite well for many of us...
  4. Well, the OP bought supposed DDR2-1066 RAM that can only run at DDR2-667 under standard voltage; I'd sure feel ripped-off if that were me. If they were advertised as DDR2-667 overclockable to DDR2-1066, would anyone buy them with all the similarly-overclockable DDR2-800 RAM available?
    My point is just that they are "economical" because OCZ tends to cut more corners than do the better-quality manufacturers. Sure, they will work most of the time for most users; if you look for the brand name of the RAM in the various problem posts, though, OCZ seems to show up more frequently than its share of the market would suggest.
  5. Mondo, I still disagree. Yes, I've run my 8GB of 1066 Reapers @ 667 with 3-3-3-8 timings, but that doesn't make them junk. I've also run them at over 1.1 Ghz with 5-5-5-12 timings.

    Perhaps there's something else besides the memory that is an issue here? Is that possible? Yes, the OP could have faulty RAM, I'm not denying that. I just haven't seen anything that would lead me to believe the Reapers are, how is that you put it, "inferior". I've had Corsair PC6400 Dominators rated at 4-4-4-12 that couldn't do those timings for me to save their lives and cost way too much, really. That doesn't make Corsair memory cheap or junk. It does more likely mean that I did something wrong or that something in my system wasn't compatible with their best performance settings. There's too many variables at play.

    I'm not going to push the issue, there's no interest or reward in that. I just disagree. I've had good results with OCZ so far, as have many others.

  6. Well, first of all thank you so much for your attention guys. Well i'm not much of a o/c guy, so i just thinked that i'd better but rams with 1066 then 800. People say that there's %5 performance difference between 800 and 1066. When i saw that my system won't work stable on 1066 i though i should use them on 800 mhz and i think it wouldn't be a problem. But unfortunately i was wrong :(
    Anyways, on MSI forums the global moderators sort of say that there will be more bios updates for MSI P45 series, but i'm not sure that if i'd wait for those bios updates ( i used to trust on MSI but to be honest my trust is now shaken ). According to MSI forums, people say that they have the same issues with 1066 mhz rams ( such as Kingston, Corsair, e.t.c ) so i feel like i shouldn't blame OCZ for this issue.
    Since i was not aware about such problems, i think my salesman should have warned me about this. I've chosen to buy 1066 mhz rams for their performance, 800 mhz would be fine too, but 667 ? Not acceptable.
    Thanks a lot for your guidance guys. I was having some performance issues on Crysis ( v1.21 ), i kinda thinked that the performance problem is related to this ram issue.

    So, hope to post a new reply with good news ;)
    Take Care
  7. One more question about the ram issue then.
    Guys, according to your posts, i'd better choose a 800 mhz ram ( PC6400 series ) which seems to be the highest JEDEC standart. So, just being curious, how much performance difference between PC6400 series and PC8500 series ?
  8. Well, the real benefit to the PC8500 is that, in theory, it will allow you to overclock higher while keeping your front side bus:CPU ratio 1:1...which is widely accepted to provide more stability for overclocks.

    If you're not overclocking there's no real benefit to running your memory @ 1066Mhz, especially since its harder on the northbridge, making it run hotter and possibly requiring better cooling. Its thought by many that really good PC6400 RAM will easily overclock to PC8500 anyways and its better to chose the great PC6400 RAM instead.
  9. OK, we'll agree to disagree, h.

    PS - Corsair is guilty of the same deceptive advertising as OCZ; sadly, it seems that almost everyone does it these days.
  10. I've been told that when we see different modules from the same mfr that:

    Have slightly different rated speeds (e.g. 800 vs. 1000/1066) but the faster one requires higher voltage; or

    Same speed but different timings and the closer timing requires higher voltage;

    That these may actually be the same product.

    Anybody know to what extent this may be true/not true?
  11. I've heard those noises myself but have never really investigated it.
  12. Makes sense: if they can charge more for the same product, why not? Why else would they not release the specs for the module under standard voltage?
  13. Update to new bios 1.7 . Its fix all 1066 Mhz ram problems. Its ok for me now. I worked on it too muck, now ok .Tnks MSI
  14. Quote:
    Update to new bios 1.7 . Its fix all 1066 Mhz ram problems. Its ok for me now. I worked on it too muck, now ok .Tnks MSI

    Where do you download it?
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