Pentium D with E5200 boxed HSF

I'm upgrading my Pentium D 920 to a E5200. I'm going to used the PD in another machine, but I need to decide which cooler to use where. This is the hunk-o-aluminum job I'm using on the PD now:

It has a screw in bracket, which I'm pretty sure means I'll have remove my hole MB to move the cooler with the old processor. If I do that, I'll also have to remove the MB again if get a better cooler (to OC the E5200) that also uses a bracket. From a convenience standpoint, it seems easier to keep the Masscool unit in place and put in the E5200.

The question is, will the stock HSF from the E5200 be enough for the PD 920 (no overclock or overvolt)? Should I just forget the stock cooler and buy a freezer 7 or dark knight for the E5200 right off the bat? I wouldn't want to spend much more than $30-$40 shipped (the CPU was only $60). I'm thinking of running it at at least an FSB of 1066 (max 1333), but I don't want to overvolt it to get there. I don't have personal experience OCing a wolfdale, but I think that's reasonable from everything I've read. Your thoughts are appreciated.
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  1. get the xigmatek h1283 - I had my q9300 oc to 3.7ghz with it stable at 66c on load (costs around 40 USD)
  2. if the stock heatsink on your 5200 is anything like the one i got with my 7200, it won't keep a 920 cool.
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