Found a 1999 4gb HDD, what to do?

I just came across a 1999 Fujitsu 4.3GB 512kb cache 5400rpm 3.5" HDD still in its box.

Or do I have another paperweight among a few other old IDE drives I use to keep so the wind doesn't blow all my stuff away. =D
(Damn, I have more RAM than this HDD has...)
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  1. You have a new paperweight. Turn it in to a recyling center maybe?
    Yeah, I have a few of them myself. Heck I have a old WD Caviar 340megabyte drive in the closet.
    If I remember correctly, it has a read/write speed of about 4mbps, and a burst rate of about 18mbps....
  2. Fujitsu drives in those days were not known for their reliability, put them down on the bench too hard and you have a paperweight, that could explain why it's still in it's box.
    Would you believe that drive when new cost AU$469.00, I can buy 3 x 1TB for the same money now and get change.
  3. if its still sealed you might be able to sell it as a mint condition antueque in another 10 years :)
  4. 10 years? Nah probably 20!
  5. I just found an old IBM 2160MB 4200rpm HDD...

    Also got an old Pentium MMX laptop to go with it. =D
    Destination... more paperqeights...
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