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Hey everyone, I am going to be building a new computer in the next year from the ground up, but for now I am thinking of upgrading the video card in my current PC because my card is old and the price of 8800 GTS's and 9800's etc are getting low.

My current PC setup is

Intel Pentium D 830 / 3 GHz
Serial ATA 250 GB HD
EVGA GeForce 7600GTS
Windows XP
Intel 945G Express mobo

Im thinking of upgrading to a 8800 GTS or 9800. If this isn't a good idea or will bottleneck etc due to my processor etc, let me know, also keep in mind I am building a new PC within a year anyway, so if the upgrade will only be marginal than let me know. Thanks for ANY input you guys have.
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  1. If u will be building a new sys next year, id get the cheaper (and almost as good) 8800GT.

    When u build ur new sys u have the option of going 8800GT sli, which is an awesome setup, or ditching it for something new.
  2. ATI 4850-$200 on Newegg. Will completely blow away the 8800GT.
    EDIT: This will also give the ability to buy another to do CF in the new build.
  3. Assuming I purchased this card,


    It says that it is PCI-E 2.0, and while my mobo has a PCI-E 16x slot I've been using for years, can I use a 2.0 card in the 1.0 slot?

    Also, how big of an improvement over the 7600 GT can I expect in games like Counter Strike: Source for instance.

  4. yeah get the radeon 4850 ^
  5. another vote for the 4850
  6. Will a 400 watt power supply be enough for the 4850 and the rest of my system?
  7. PCI-e 2.0 cards will work in the 1.0 slot - it might hold it back a little but you're better off in the longrun because you can use the card in your next PC if you want to.

    watts aren't as important when you're considering video cards as is the amperage. In the case of video cards they run off of a 12volt sort of "cable" (they are typically called rails) - you have to refer to the video card manufacturer or AMD(ATI) to determine how much amperage the video card requires and what kind of power supply they recommend.

    Now, I figure that the minimum you are probably looking at is a 500 watt power supply with at least 1 pci-e 6 pin connector and 25-30amps on the 12 volt rail. But that is just a pure guess, literally. You will just have to check your PSU, the video card, etc. This is all good stuff to learn when you're getting more into building PCs =x
  8. The 4850, GTX9800 and GT8800 all call for a 450w PSU in minimum system requirements. Amps go from a low of 22, to high of 28 (depending on card and card maker)
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