Im a proffesional css player! Do i need more ram for better fps?

I have a:
inno3d 9800GTX+
asus M2N-E nforce 500:
1gb supertalent 800mhz ramchip
3800+ amd singlecore.
500watt powersupply
Windows XP(32)

My pc is still getting only 80 fps in counterstrike: source.
everything on low cept texturequality: medium and shadowdetail:high and antialiasing: 4x

Do you think i need more ram?
Perhaps a proper dualchannel kit for my comp?

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  1. when you said you are pro you should know the answer bro!!

    you definitely need 2GB ram atleast to get good frames per second
  2. If you're getting 80fps and you're happy with your settings then don't bother (in fact I bet you could max out settings and still get fps). If you are going to upgrade you should just do your mobo, cpu, and ram. I don't think putting any more money into a single-core machine is that viable right now.
  3. Well I hate to tell you but your not a professional with that rig or those settings.

    You need alot more then Ram.
  4. I would say a min of 2 gigs of RAM for gaming, I have 4, but a 32 bit OS. Turn the settings to high. I ran the game with a 7900gs and a gig of RAM and I think I got around 50-70 fps all on high at 1280x1024.
  5. roadrunner197069 said:
    Well I hate to tell you but your not a professional with that rig or those settings.

    You need alot more then Ram.

    Your post is useless. He plays CS:S, not crysis. His comp is more than capable of playing that game, and just for your information lots of pro players turn down their settings.
  6. I dont think RAM is the issue, I think you need a bit more power in the CPU department. Pick up an AthlonX2, your gonna want something at 2.6Ghz or faster.

    Another gig of RAM will help, but I dont think your gonna see much of a jump with that.

    EDIT: is your ram just one stick or do you have 2x512MB? If you have one 1GB stick, than adding another will allow for dual channel operation, which WOULD help.
  7. Thx for the tips sofar, I just got the 9800gtx+ today and i play pro in Africa so i thought maybe i should get more ram, but i dont have time for a new mobo atm, can i get a dualcore 64X2 amd cpu for my current mobo? or is my mobo too crap?

    and should i get one more cheap ram chip 1gb 800mhz or should i remove the single chip i have now and add a ram module kit with 2 proper dual channel ocz ramchips, instead?
  8. A new kit would be better.

    It seem like you're using an AM2 motherboard so you could throw a dual core cpu and a nice pair of DDR2 memory for cheap.

    I don't know if your CS:S experience will change. That game doesn't need new speedy hardware.
  9. More RAM is good for gaming in general, but may not help you specifically with CS:S.

    I just fired up CS:S (had to blow the dust off of it) and my system in sig is using 784 MB. I only have antivirus running besides. Windows XP of course.
  10. Thx, Im going to try and get either one of these 2 kits:

    Plz check them out and tell me which kit is better in terms of my system and the respective ram intervals. thanx!!

    And then Im looking into buying this cpu:

    Hope you guys can tell me if Im making the correct choice here. thank you!
  11. B-Unit I have one single chip of ram at the moment, not dual core.
  12. the cpu is causing a bottleneck on the gpu, you need a new cpu and at least 1 more gig
  13. Grab that CPU and the DDR2-800 and enjoy. If you think you might want to try your hand at overclocking, consider the 1066Mhz memory, but if not, 800 will do just fine.
  14. Is it true that the cpu can cause bottlenecking with my gpu B-Unit?

    and Im not an overclocker hey, just wanna get my css running solid!
    So will the 800DDR2 be fine then? the kit that i suggested?
  15. Yea, the 800Mhz kit will do just fine.

    What resolution do you play at? The higher the resolution, the less of a bottleneck you will have. However, CS:S is undemanding enough that you should have no problems at any resolution.
  16. Im playing at 800x600 hey, with antialiasing at 4x.

    Do you think i should go higher on the res?

    I have a Samsung syncmaster940bf 19" 2ms.
  17. By the way, Im looking into some custom drivers, but it seems the DNA forceware drivers dont support my 9800GFX+ yet.
    Can sum1 tell me plz which drivers are the best for my inno3d 9800GTX+?
  18. O wowie, yes, definately turn it up. 1024x768 as a bare minimum, I would probably do 1280x1024.

    Get the latest drivers from, they will work just fine.
  19. The person i bought my new 9800GTX+ from said that it CANT be my 3800+amd singlecore cpu.
    Is he wrong?

    He thinks it could be my ram:
    1gb supertalent single stick running at 800mhz.

    pretty crappy right?
  20. Easy way to find out, buy the RAM first, see if it helps, if not, makes it pretty easy to see where the problem lies.
  21. I only have the cash for one of the two at the moment,

    so its either ram or either cpu.
  22. Get the RAM.
  23. 1+ for the RAM
  24. get the RAM definately, it's soooo cheap these days.

    You're FPS is very odd, though. I was able to get 100+ FPS in GG, 70+ in Dust2 and ~40 in Office... all on a AMD 3500+, 2GB RAM (which was in single channel), and a 7900GS. You should be getting 180FPS++ with that rig, even with a gig of RAM.
  25. ohhh, you're running it at 800x600. Definately turn it up to 1280x1024. At lower resoultions, the CPU can bottleneck the rest of the system.
  26. The lower resolution is very important for my gameplay.
    Most proffesional players prefer 800x600.

    Can some1 plz explain bottlenecking to me?
    Or give me a link that explains it (perhaps with reference to the resolution aspect).
  27. why is lower resolution better for gameplay?...
  28. johoz said:
    why is lower resolution better for gameplay?...

    Because any type of slowdown is a kiiler. That, and things are BIGGER at lower resolutions, meaning its easier to notice the guys head poking out from the other side of the create he is hiding behind. I would know; I compete in TWL and CAL.

    +1 for scroll wheel shooting! :D
  29. not to get too ot, but are you really professional (meaning you get payed to play), or are you just really good, and in CAL, TWL, etc, etc.
  30. Hmm, if your heartset on 800x600 the faster CPU might be the better option.
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