4850 vs 4870 for mid system

I'm upgrading my system from a Athlon 64 3400+, 1GB PC3200 Ram, and Geforce 6800 (BFG OC 128MB) to a Intel E8400, 4GB PC6400 Ram, and I just ordered a 4850 (MSI). I didn't realize that the 4870 would be available tomorrow. Now I'm wondering if it would have been worth the cost to go with the 4870 instead.

I wanted to keep the upgrade under $500. I'm going for best performance for price. I'm not sure if the additional price is worth the extra performance over 4850. What do you think?
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  1. i think the 4870 will be ~$300 (somewhere around that) so you can figure out by adding the rest of your cost.
  2. Judging your old system, I would conclude your using a 17-19" monitor and the 4850 would do just fine at those resolutions.
  3. ATI, as with pretty much ALL companies, charge a significant premuim for their flagship model, which often doesnt perform THAT much better in real life.

    I have ordered my 4850 for that reason (should p/u today)
    With a good o/c im sure it wont be far off the 4870.
  4. ^ agree with the rest, the 4850 and the E8400 are going to be a HUGE improvement of what you had before. Maybe if you get itchy for an upgrade in a few months you can get the 4870 or a monitor or a new computer chair. The 4850 is a very good card.
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