How can I securely seat this graphics board?

I recently finished a new home-built computer, but after a few days I've discovered some flaky display problems. Fairly often this new computer's display will show a grossly excessive amount of blue. When I jiggle the cable at the digital KVMA end, it makes no difference, but at the computer end, jiggling it will intermittently cause it to go back to normal. If I leave it just right, it'll stay fine for hours.

I've tried replacing the cable, but it made no difference (I always tighten the connection fully, by the way). It is now clear to me that the reason the jiggling works is that it moves the display card in the slot so that it's properly seated. I've tried removing the card and re-seating it carefully several times, but the problem still occurs. This is because the slot is just too loose, and as time passes, the mere weight of the display cable causes the card to become loose.

It is a digital display card (Nvidia e-GeForce 8400 GS) connected to the single PCI-E slot on my Intel DQ35MP mobo. I won't bore you with the details as to why, but the very last thing I want to do is send anything back for replacement.

Is there a reasonably non-kludgy way to keep the thing seated properly?
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  1. There should be a screw holding the video card in place. I wouldn't run it until you can get the issue straightened out because you can fry your card.
    This is the inside of my system, you notice the row of thumb screws holding the expansion cards in place. You might not have thumb screws but there should be some kind of screw.
  2. Thanks for your reply. The screw is already in place. I should have clarified that I am an experienced, long-time system builder and understand that such screws are quite essential.
  3. In that case it makes me wonder if the card is bent and not seating correctly or if the case is bent.
  4. you could try building a mounting bracket either on the side of your case or something you can attached to your floppy bays which will hold the card in place

    Its a semi common new feature built in to newer high end cases

    You could also try sort of tying a knot with twist ties between the end of the video card, and one of the mounting stand holes if there is one that is somewhat close; that might give it at least enough leverage to hold it up

    Um, really anything you are going to do is going to be something of an improvisation I think - but my first suggest would be the best thing I can think of. You could probably build something from plastic/metal if you have a drill with some small bits.

    Good luck and plan ahead when you do it :P
  5. You could place something between your side door panel and the backside of the gpu. off the top of my head i'm thinking tennis balls cut in half. Essentiall use the side panel to force the card into place.
  6. these pci-e slots are pretty secure though. have you tried holding the spine of the gpu and pressing it into the mobo as the pc was on? cuz if that doesn't fix your problem then you prolly have bad solder joints between the vga port and the card which means you will have to rma the card.
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