Average temps people are getting for 4850?

it seems this card is running hot its running at 72 degrees c, idle, is this normal?
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  1. That's what I've heard. I don't have mine yet to confirm (it arrived DOA), but it appears the reason is that the fan speed stays very low (10% or so) until the temperature exceeds 80 degrees C. So, it shouldn't overheat, but I agree that is rather hot. Rumors are that a new BIOS or driver will fix this and other Powerplay issues on it and the 4870 (which also suffers from this, supposedly) but they aren't out yet, so I can't be certain. Other than waiting, all you can really do is replace the cooler. It should be fine though as long as you have good airflow around it, though.
  2. Well i installed a exhaust fan, above it to move the hot air away from it, ill try and install a intake fan 2marrow, it will require a simple case mod to do it but i should manage.
  3. Interesting prior thread at Toms about using the AC Accelero on the 4850.
  4. if you have a bad case set up your will get a heat loop

    the 4850 does not exhust air and heats the case up

    72c under high load is ok - increase your fan manually or better yet use a bliz cooler since it will pull heat out and blow air on the card

  5. Mine runs about 79 degrees idle. 87 degrees full load.. Definitely needing an aftermarket cooler.
  6. Temporary fix is removing blue wire from fan plug to run it at 100%. I'm sure a update will be done soon to fix the fan speed, it's said to only run at 25% at full load which is why so hot.
  7. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-4850,1957-22.html

    4850 is the last gpu in line, the temps are completely normal!
  8. Grab a cooler for the 3800 series, reviews say it'll bolt right onto the 4800's.

    You should be able to set fan speed with ATI Tray Tools, like on other ATI cards. You can tell it what % to run the fan at what temp. Unless ATI's changed that now...
  9. I have the fans set on both of mine at 70%, i idles at around 50C and peaks at around 66c. But then again I have an 80mm fan pulling the air straight from the coolers exhaust ports, and very good intake.
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