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Looking at getting a new gaming system, happy to spend about 2500 on the tower alone, will be using a 24" lcd monitor with with it.

So far i have chosen:

ASUS - Maximus Formula - Motherboard
ASUS - EAH3870/G/HTDI/512M - Videocard (x2 in crossfire)
Intel - Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0 - CPU
Corsair - TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX 4GB DDR2 PC2-6400 - RAM
Lian Li - PC-V1000B Plus Black - Case $300
Gigabyte - ODIN Pro 1200W ATX Power Supply (GE-MK20A-D1) - PSU
Western Digital - Raptor X/150GB 10 000RPM (16Mb Cache) - HDD

I have been questioning my choise of ATi and an Intel chipset mobo, is it worth using it or an nVIDIA chipset?
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  1. Both Intel and ATI chipsets support Crossfire, but SLI is exclusive to Nvidia chipsets, since you'l be running your cards in X'Fire, intel is the best option for you.

    also you might want to go through this:,1940.html
  2. That $300 case and 1.2KW power supply is a horrendous waste of money .... you don't need a kilowatt of power... stick with 750W max... you really should get the pretty and affordable Antec 900 case ($125) with the Corsair 750TX PSU ($130).

    You could use the remaining cash to buy a faster GPU like Radeon 4870 ($320) or Nvidia GTX280($600) both of which would destroy a 3870 in crossfire.
  3. i think that the new velecoraptors from western digital are way faster than the raptor that you have chosen.

    and i agree with mihrkula that you have way too much psu, unlessl ur building like a quadfire/trisli setup with the most power hungry cards imaginable, you will never use it. stick to 750-800 max

    here's one at it's expensive but supposedly worht it
  5. If you have a $2500 budget for a gaming machine you should be spending a lot more than $330 or 13% on your graphics card(s). Definitely allocate a LOT more to your graphics card - you are going luxury class on case and mobo and being obscenely wasteful on power supply, then you scrimp on the most important component.

    Wait and make your choice on graphics cards after the new models come out this month then build your system around it - also allowing for future upgrades as appropriate for you.

    Also, if you really are ready to spend that much money to get a top flight system, then have you considered RAID on the HDD and maybe even going to SSD?
  6. ok, revised edition is with the Corsair 750TX PSU. I had a mate telling me that I would be needing that sort of power for the system, thanks for clearing that up. Also insterted the VelociRaptor as well (300Gb).
    I dont know if it would be worth going RAID because i only want one HDD in there, 300Gb is more than enough for me considering that i have 1Tb in external storage.

    I'll have to have a bit more of a look for the GPU now. Is the Radeon 4870 released yet?
  7. you have to wait three weeks for the 4870. i believe the date is june 23rd. around that time.
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