Lost my dual boot screen

Many problems last week with viruses and then windows xp and windows 7 both went down, just a black screen after posting, no cursor, not even safe mode available. I repaired windows xp using the xp recovery console. Reinstalled while keeping all my files and folders intact. Now my only problem is that the dual boot menu for windows xp and windows 7 has disappeard. I can only choose to log into windows xp.

Could you help me identify an easy way to bring back the option to log into windows 7. From windows xp I can clearly see my other hard drive, which has windows 7 on it, and access it so it has not been lost or formatted which would be strange if it was.

thank you
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  1. Boot to your W7 installation media, select the repair install. That will re-activate the bootloader, restoring your selection screen.
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