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Well I got my new system up and running. It uses a P-35 Gigabyte board, E8400, Evga 9800, 4gigs of Kinstan DDR2 800 (2x2) and a corsair 650 PSU.

Problem I am having is every now and then when I open a window(from windows or firefox) the screen begins to shake. If I hit Ctrl and Alt it will stop. Any ideas on what it could be. I updated all drivers and windows. Thanks in advance for all of your help :bounce:
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  1. i could be the monitor playing around with the resolutions, do you have it set to the native lcd resolution?
  2. Thanks I will give that A try.
  3. You could try upping and lowering the refresh rate of the monitor too.
  4. Make sure Video Card is properly seated and locked in. Recheck the power connector to the card.

    Did you remove the old drivers before installing update drivers?
    If you didn't you should take everything you updated out including the new drivers, reboot and install just the new drivers.

    If you download your drivers ahead of time and "save" to desktop it will make things alot easier.
  5. Ok I checked all of that and it didnt work. Now when I play AOC I have black lines scrolling down the screen. Could it be the monitor
  6. It could, or it could just be your video card. Try to find something to replace both one at a time and see what happens.
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