Everything is missing on bootup...

When I turn on my computer all i see is my wallpaper, no start button, no icons, no task manager...nothing to click on. Every so often by turning computer on and off it may load correctly, but not in the last 20 attempts.
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  1. P.S., Same results when I boot to safe mode. Nothing happens when I alt-cntrl-del on blank desktop.
  2. UPDATE:
    still booting to no icons on desktop, however, when I alt-ctrl-del...I delete the existing explorer.exe's that are loaded...then select new task: C:\Windows\explorer.exe it loads my icons, etc. then I can work but I don't want to have to do this each time...HOW DO I CORRECT THIS PROBLEM. I have done numerous virus, spyware scans and cleaned whatever was considered bad. Same problematic error...

    ...all / any replies appreciated
  3. Once you've restarted explorer.exe, and got your desktop back, try restarting. Sometimes that is enough to solve the problem.

    If not, a windows repair, or some registry cleanup may be needed.
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