What MotherBoard Should I use? Help please

Hey guys Could You help me out I'm trying to build a good computer and wondering bout a good motherboard I was going with the EVGA Nforce 79i Ultra but now im not sure after reading some articles. what would you suggest?

Nvidia gx280
MB+ CPU: to be decided
PSU : CoolerMAster 750w

What I need help with is the motherboard and cpu
Thanks in advance,
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More about what motherboard please
  1. ASUS/EVGA 780i
  2. would the 790i be better for overclocking?
  3. Nope, last time I heard 790i caused sata data corruption when overclocked. On top of that, ddr3 isn't worth the price yet.
  4. I would go for a MB with a LGA 775 socket, this way you can get more quality and performance than with those with socket AM2+ / AM2 (Phenom / Athlon)
    So if you 're buying a MB make sure it's Intel's. Try get crossfire too thats what am doing along with an ASUS MB... dude you got the computer made out of worlds best maker of: Motherboards, Graphics Card and Processor (Intel, ATI and ASUS). That way you're sure to make the right choice ^^. Hope it helps....
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