Sound lag

Ok- so i have an issue with the sound on my computer.

Here's my specs:
E6600 2.4 dual core
2x 8800 GTS 320mb vid card
4gb Corsair DHX ddr2-800
gigabyte 650sli mobo
sound blaster live sound card

I realize this sound card is like 5 or 6 years old, but it should still work fine.

I get sound lag when playing music while playing games. I've been playing WoW, and turned the in game sound off, but have itunes running in the background. The music gets really choppy when i'm playing, but has no problem in game.

Any ideas?
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  1. I wouldnt be using Itunes to play music PERIOD. use Mediaplayer, or my recommendation is Winamp.
  2. try the usual updates. make sure you have the latest sound card driver and latest version of itunes

    as an interesting test you should see if windows media player gives you the same problem.

    let us know what you find
  3. Tried winamp. same thing. The sound card is listed as out of service or something like that and the newest driver is from 2003. I get the same exact lag from my motherboard built in audio. Could this be a Power issue, as in I'm not getting enough power to the mobo or something like that? Im using an antec truepower trio 550w. it was a budget psu at the time I built.
  4. Oh ****.... just realized something---- all my music is on an external hdd. could THAT be my problem? its a WD 120gb portable, with no external power, just a USB plug.
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