Need new mobo and cpu for gaming Suggestions

I am finally going to move away from my Dell E510 after 3 years of use and upgrade. I was very carefull in what I upgraded and now I'm down to just a new case, CPU, and Mobo. I've googled and looked in these forums till my head hurt trying to find someone in my shoes but the waters are murky. I'm looking to make these purchese around christmas just for your guys reference. Just curious can I get a mobo that will support both a P4 HT 3.2 and a newer duel or preferebly quad core?
What I have already:
Antec Tru Power Trio 550w
Kingston 2x1G@800mhz DDR2 (Although my mobo bus down-clocks to 533)
EVGA 8800GT Superclocked
WD Raptor 10kRPM 69gigs
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatality Xtreme Gamer Edition(PCI)
All these products are working great but as you guys can see that mobo and CPU bottlenecks some(granted its not terrible COD4 might see 30fps every now and again) My price range is around 400 to 450 maybe 500 but I would like to devote most of that to the CPU. Because I read yesterday that the new Intel Cpu's come out end of this year link!! sporting 2 to 8 cores! Thats insane Intel has it out for people how make software and OS's they wont know what to do in a couple of years they'll have some much power.
Thanks for the help and sorry the long post
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  1. Cases:

    Coolermaster CM690 $100 - nice case

    Antec900 $120 - $80 after rebate - Great air flow popular


    Asus P5K-e $150 - P35 with features galore

    Asus P5Q-e $160 - P45 new chipset with PCI-e2.0 support


    Q6600 - $200 - quad core popular

    e8500 - $190 - dual with some speed
  2. The Antec900 case is very cool looks and sounds great I'll probably get that and I didnt know I could get a Q6600 quad core for that little, figures though its newegg. I forgot to mention that I run XP. If I get this new mobo and CPU can I just swap my HD with windows or will it have to be fresh install cause I no longer have the original Dell install disks. Also I forgot to inform you guys that I'm looking for going SLI and will need two PCI-e 2.0 slots. Last question, I have 2 "fan only" plugs with my antec TPT 550 and Ive heard that they regualte the case fans by temp but that they never work the fans enough to keep it cool. Will I need some adapters for the Antec 900 case fans, possibly some excess IDE or SATA power? Thanks for any advice.
  3. Youll be best doing a re-install. When you swap it over youll need different drivers for all motherboard, there are instructions out there that walk you through it but your always better with a re-install. Dell disks more than likely wont work thanks to the BIOS intergration system they usualy employ.

    SLI i wouldnt bother with, when your machine isnt up to it a single card would be better than getting an aged card to replace it. Look at the current HD4870 which from what ive seen would be better than 8800GT SLIed anywho, and the new HD4870x2 is looking like the new king of the hill.

    The Antec 900 comes with (i believe) 3pin connectors that will use the headers on the mainboard. The Fan only plugs on your PSU are ok as long as you dont plug to many in or the fans have a large power draw. I found that 120mm fans dont seems to run real well off them, not sure of the power that is provided but it never seemed to be sufficient for me. If they dont go onto the mainboard and the "fan only" isnt enough just use a normal molex connector
  4. Well first off The P5Q says that there are somesingle card issues with it it might inly work with two and I cant afford two get TWO cards as well. Also the P5K says that there are some isues with were the SATA ports are being in the way of my 8800GT.So scratch those two. What about gigabyte I read good things about them (as well as ASUS).Sorry man but I misunderstood your wording here- "when your machine isnt up to it a single card would be better than getting an aged card to replace it." my PSU dosent have enough for two 8800GT's? I'm not looking for the creme de la creme of gaming computers. I cant play online so my play is only single player or LAN.I do play Crysis though but I almost had the game beat on a XFX 7600 GT Overclocked. So I'm thinking that two 8800Gt's superclocked will hold me over for a while, I mean I got one for only $120. Thanks for the advice so far I see it says 2:40 am on ur post I dont know if thts the time where u are but I understand the confusion (me
  5. The P5Q has no problems with single cards that I'm aware of. Have to be aware that some people make mistakes or get a bad board when they order it. THe P5Q pro is probably one of the best budget boards for under 150.

    I would recommend getting the ATI 4850 instead of the 8800, better benchmarks for very little price difference.

    SLI isn't very cost effective for low resolution monitors. So unless you have a 22" or up (preferably more than 22) it would be better to get a better single card than 2 lesser ones.
  6. Ok my wording was bad because i was making it so short

    What i meant was... When people find their machines are too slow buying a 2nd card to go SLI or crossfire is generally not worth it. At that stage you are better off buying another single video card of the next generation. in short... 2 old gen cards in SLI will always struggle against a single new gen card.
  7. OK, OK, Well how bout this can that ASUS that is for ATI crossfire work with my single 8800gt? I just got the PSU, card, and RAM like not even 2 weeks ago. My parents might keel over if I tell them I am getting another graphics card. So i might as well wait a while anyway on the graphics card and see what comes out. 'Sides this 8800GT, with a Quad core and 800mhz at its side, would be like 3D heaven compared to my current P4 HT 3.2 helping it. It already is like 3D heaven after going 7600 to 8800. I'm not just a gamer I use this computer for editing skate videos. Anyway, yeah I do understand people get bad stuff sometimes or, more likely, are wrong. Thanks for the advice.
  8. So any motherboard purchase advice?
  9. The single 8800GT will work fine in a crossfire board.
  10. Cool so you think that p5q will be a good mobo. I've been debating on asking this cause it sounds dumb but I've never bought a CPU does it come with a heatsink, or am I better off buying a third party CPU cooler? If I get the P5Q how can I reinstall if I have no disks. Can I make a backup disk or is that backup function only for my files and not windows? I really dont think I can squeeze in buying another copy of XP. And when you refer to the "headers on the mainboard" do you mean, a male plug on the mobo Does the P5Q have enough plugins for all the fans in the antec900 case, and does my PSU have the proper plugs? Are my antec TPT's six 4-pin "peripheral" connecters for case fans? Thanks for helping chookman I know I'm 21 questioning here.
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