Which of these two graphics cards should I prefer?

I've got a spare PCI-E graphics card now, so I can choose between the two available for use: an Asus EAX1300HM512/TD/128M/A and an XFX GeForce 8600 GT 540M 256MB DDR3 Dual DVI TV PCI-E (PV-T84J-UDF3)

One difference is that the Asus is a 512 MB model and the XFX has 256 MB.

I am not a gamer (I have no games at all), but I do a lot of video editing and similar tasks. The system in question runs XP Pro SP3 and is based on a powerful Asus P5WDG2 WS Professional workstation mobo with a previous generation 3.0 GHz Duo and lots of high-speed RAM. I've got an 850 watt power supply, so that's not an issue.

Which should I use on this system?
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  1. The EAX1300? I think that's a Radeon X1300.....Which I think the 8600GT massacres. Are they priced the same where you are buying it? In any case, buy the 8600GT, as it's faster by at least two times than the X1300.
  2. The 8600GT because it probably has better video playback features.
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