Possible Q6600 heating problems

I will preface this with the following comment: I am NOT overclocking this machine; it is running at its stock speed.

I have a Q6600 that seems to be overheating and I am not sure exactly why that is. I noticed some slowdown today on my system and when i checked the cpu temperature in the BIOS it said it was at 74 degrees C ! So, I turned my machine off for about half an hour and when i restarted it i went into the bios immediately to monitor the cpu temp and I saw it steadily rising from about 42 C up to almost 60 C before decided to turn it off again. I don't think this is normal seeing as how I was just idling in the BIOS!

I was wondering the following: can anyone tell me what a normal temperature range is for my cpu while idle and while under heavy load? Also, what might be the cause for this overheating?

I made this machine about a year ago and only now am I experiencing this issue, so it seems a bit odd to me.

Here is the relevant info on my machine. I have an antec 900 Case so I have plenty of fans bringing in new air and expelling old air. The cpu is a q6600 of course, and I am using the stock fan (which I was told would be fine for it and has served me well so far), and when i first installed the cpu I removed the thermal compound that came with the HS/F in favor of arctic silver (which solved previous heating issues i had on another machine). There are also 3 hard drives in that machine in case that has any relevance.

The area where I keep my tower may be a contributing factor, but honestly i'd have thought i'd see this problem sooner if that were the case. I keep it under my desk, which is in a corner. The tower itself has about 2 to 3 feet clearance from the back wall, is elevated about 6 inches off of the floor, and has about 1 to 1.5 feet clearance between it and my right wall. There is also about another 6 inches or so between the top of my case and the bottom side of my desk. I realize that I should probably move my tower but I feel for sure that this will not fully solve the problem, so any advice you can offer is immensely appreciated. Thanks

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  1. yes - thats normal
    yes - where you keep it is very important, cooler master case with many many fans and fan on top are good for cubbies
  2. Check the heatsink to see if one of the pins has come loose. This happens sometimes with the stock heatsink. Turn off any fan speed control in the bios(normally in with the hardware monitor).

    Maybe take it off clean the cpu and heatsink and reapply fresh thermal paste.

    If this does not help, make sure the voltage has not been bumped for any reason.
  3. And check to see if you can lower your voltage.
    You can often lower it quite a bit below default if you are running @ stock.

    However, I agree that something such as the Heatsink coming loose could be a problem.
  4. You don't think any damage could already have been done do you? I use linux and it supports throttling back clock speeds and I did receive a couple of messages from the operating system saying it was scaling back the clock speed due to temperature. I also use windows, so if you could recommend any software (on either OS) to see whether or not I may have damage done to my cpu I'd appreciate that.

    By the way, thank you very much for the quick responses.

  5. Prime95(windows). But DO NOT run it until you have your temps normal again(60-70 @ load will not hurt it).

    The cpu should have no damage since the cpu it self will throttle to save it self anyway(as long as the option is not turned off).


    You can also use the following software to see temps


    RealTemp, will read 5 c lower. it may be more accurate.
  6. Thanks, once again I appreciate the quick response. One last question before I get started. What is the normal range of temperatures that you get at idle? And under load? I need to know so that I can judge whether or not I have solved the problem after I reattach my heatsink (provided that it is loose).

  7. It varies with room temperatures. I have not used the stock heatsink(i gave that to a friend for there E6750) so my temps may be a bit lower.

    @ 3.0

    I load 52(62 on a hot day)
    Idle 30-35.

    A guess on stock would be 35-45 idle with speed step on
    55-65 load

    I leave a wide range for room temps. Those would be with Core Temp

    You will notice a good drop if the heatsink is loose and you fix it.


    Also make sure the heatsink is clean, my friend push a P4 past 100c from dust alone.
  8. It kinda depends on what the temperature of the room is. As a rule, the core temp cannot normally be below room temperature. Today its chilly and my computer is running at 16C full load =).

    You should expect from a Q6600 about 30C idle and >60C load.

    Edit: Nukemaster beat me!!! =P
  9. Alright then, thanks for everything guys! I'll check on it perhaps tomorrow, but for now I have to get ready for jury duty that I have in the morning.

  10. I have A q6600 G0 oc 3.6 and mine runs @ Full Load 41C, it sounds like you have a problem with your cooler on your cpu, invest in a better cooler, or maybe water cooled like i have, if you have your pc in a warm room, next depending on the case you have you may need better air flow, if you oc it you will have to adjust your volts on the bios on your board every chip is different but very close to the same vcore volts very based on chip. :bounce:
  11. Alright guys I went ahead and replaced the thermal paste that I had today and now it seems to idle around 38C when i first turn it on and it never seems to go above 61C when I play something graphically intense like portal. I just wanted to thank everyone for all their help. I couldn't have done it w/o your help, guys (and girl)!

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