Recommended graphics card for shuttle SB81P

I was wondering if anyone can recommend the best graphics card that would be compatible with my shuttle SB81P system. The current spec is a P4 3.2GHz, 1GB DDR-400 memory (soon to become 2GB), 250GB SATA, 500GB SATA, Pioneer DVD/CD re-writer and Leadtek GeForce 6800 256MB PCIe card. The system has a 350W PSU and because it’s a Shuttle I need on that will fit the small chassis so no fan less cooling. Although I would like it if it was quite, especially in 2D (i.e. Windows)

I have been looking at NVIDIA 9600 and 8800, but these all look like they need a higher wattage PSU and so I could really do with some advice. I prefer NVIDIA, but would be open to ATI if they are the best for my system.
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  1. You probably want to take this question to the Shuttle forum @
  2. Looks like you can put a nvidia 9800 GT in there

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