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Question about Windows 7 Home Premium OEM

I bought this at Compusa for 99 dollars, installed it on my home pc as a clean install after formatting my HD and it has been working great ever since.

In about 4 months i'm planning on putting together a new computer from scratch. i've done some reading and i'm getting mixed answers about a reinstall of this OS because it's OEM,

I've heard that if you call Microsoft and give them the box info they will clear the product key for another install. I've heard that they also don't. So in my case, if i'm going to be building a brand new PC from scratch, will I have to buy another OEM version of Windows 7 just to get it to run on the new machine? Or can i use the one i bought previously as an upgrade to my regular pc which had vista 32 bit on it.


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  1. Just use the same one should be fine. If it doesn't work Windows will still work for 30 days in that time you can contact Microsoft about it.
  2. You can't use the same setup on 2 systems at a time, especially in the case of OEM. When you install the OEM versions, they are tied to that PC. MS may activate it for you again, or may not, depending on what they check. A full version of Windows you can re-use on another PC, as long as it's not used on the old one, OEM setup dies on the PC it's activated on.

    You can try telling them the motherboard died on the old PC and you are replacing that, if they don't have a full system write up on your code you may get a new code to use.
  3. I used a single XP serial through about 4 Different HDD'S over time, only ever having one in use at the one time though, If it doesn't work just call MS and say your other HDD was too badly infected with virsus, and was not economical to repair and they will renew your key hopefully.
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