Windows 7 cant open add printer the local print spooler service is not running

I recently bought a new computor with windows 7 platform. Old computor used Windows XP. Could not get printer to work. Took back to where I bought it and they got printer working. Now I cannot get my laptop (windows XP) to be able to print. Whenever I look up the properties, message says print spooler service not running. How can I fix the problem??
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  1. I recently bought a new computor with windows 7 platform. Old computor used Windows XP

    This forum is only for Windows Vista problems.
    Anyhow, click start > run and type services.msc, then press <Enter>

    Scroll down to Print Spooler and double-click on it.

    Set startup type to Automatic.

    Click it's Start button and wait until the Start button becomes greyed-out.
    Clikc the 'OK' button to save the changes.
  2. Easy Way to Add Printer

    Ensure Printer on XP machine is shared - assume it's called SHAREDPRINTER.

    2) On the Network Browsing on your W7 machine ensure you can "See" the Printer share.

    Now on the W7 machine do the following (doesn't matter if it's X-86 or x-64).

    3) Control Panel==> add LOCAL (Yes LOCAL) printer. I know it's on a Network but hold your horses -- what we are actually doing is "Poodlefaking" the W7 machine into thinking it's running the printer.

    4) Create NEW port==>Local port


    6) Now W7 will load a driver and you'll be able to print on the XP machine.


    If the printer is on the W7 machine and you want to print on the XP machine then do the same instructions on the XP machine --
    port name in this case will be \\W7MACHINE\SHAREDPRINTER

    If this is a Network / WiFI printer run this on ALL the computers who need access to the printer

    Start at 3) - you don't need a printer name in this case just the IP address on the LAN.

    at 4) chose TCPIP port
    and at 5) enter the IP address of the printer on your LAN.

  3. Hello Everyone! I've got a SOLUTION!

    I think I have Window 8 but I think this will work regardless. I was reading everyone's reply and I got confused (like download this software or go find the spooler file , I don't even know how!). I'm not very good with technology but I did what I thought would work. Guess did!:)

    Go to the "Control Panel" --> Click "View devices and printers" --> Select a printer --> right click on the printer --> Then Click "Troubleshoot"!

    During the Troubleshoot detection process, it'll see that the spooler needs to be fixed so it'll state that as it is being fixed. Then at the end, the Troubleshoot program will give you a beautiful summary stating on the left that the the spooler print service was inactive, THEN on the right it'll say FIXED! This worked for me and I hope it works for you :)

    My Story (problem):
    *My problem was that I did a Windows Update and then when I tried to print on Word Doc. it said that the "Active directory domain services were unavailable" then when I went to the control panel to add a printer it said "local print spooler..." blah blah blah. I saw that my printer was there but it was not connecting with word because of the spooler so I followed the steps and it worked.
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