Dilemma - Asus Striker II Extreme vs. Rampage

I am currently picking parts to order a high end system. I am torn at the moment.

If I get the 780i asus striker 2 extreme, I gain the ability to SLI with nvidia.

If I go the route of the asus rampage, I lose the SLI ability and gain crossfire, even though I tend to lean towards nivida due to lifetime warranties.

Which is more stable....and can I run two/dual monitors while in SLI mode/crossfire mode?

I want to be able to run games in one window and the web on another monitor.

Which would you recommend. Planning e8500 with 9800gtx+ ssc or sapphire hd 4850, depending on what you all tell me.
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  1. The Rampage has a more stable chipset, Intel X48. The P5E Deluxe is also an X48 and cheaper, check it out.

    Try getting a single HD 4870 for now, and adding another later when it's cheaper.

    Or get a GA-EP45-DS3R or P5Q Pro and a single HD 4870 X2. You pay more for the video card but less for the MB, and avoid all issues about CF or SLI and dual monitors.
  2. As the owner of an Asus Striker II Extreme, I can confirm it has been nothing but headaches, just trying to get it to run on stock 1333 FSB with a quad core and 2x2gig stock 1333 ram has been an issue. I and anyone else that I know that has this board experience constant freezes.

    Check out the QVL on ASUS site, currently only 1333 MHz ram is listed as certified, and in nothing more than a 4 gig config.

    In order to even think about trying to run some ram to at higher RATED speeds, you have to increase the latency timings and in some cases disable some of your cores on a quad core processor.

    And yes, I'm on the latest BIOS and have restaged multiple times due to corruption issues , some people have reported Hard drives being 'eaten' by the corruption.
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