Bios read Hdd size = 0Mb

Hi all Experts,

I bought an external hard drive (Seagate freeAgent 1.5TB) couple months ago. It was working fine until few weeks ago. I noticed some clicking sound and decided to do some backup. However it crashed before I finish backup all the stuffs.
I tried to fix the problem using some applications such as PC Inspector File Recovery, Easy Recovery and HD Regenerator, but was not successful. Friend of mine told me to rip off the casing the treat the hdd as an internal drive and that did not solve the problem.... :(

** Bios identify the hdd but show size = 0MB
** During startup a message prompted " Secondary Master Hard Drive error"
** Windows (VISTA) not detecting the hdd
** Under DiskManagement the hdd is unreadable. Can't initialize the drive
** HD Regenerator application prompted " Master Boot Record of this hd is damaged" But this is my storage drive.

I would appreciate if someone can provide me some solutions to retrive the data.
I have heard if some methods like putting the hdd into the freezer; would that work?? Or just a myth
I am looking forward to any comments and solutions!!!

Thank you
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  1. If you have a 7200.11 series hard drive, contact the seller. The larger .11 Seagates have commonly known firmware problems - well, "commonly known" to us.
  2. Dear All, I have recovered the same.I was also facing the same problem.My Office HDD got corrupted and was not showing in BIOS after many tries.I have check the same in different PC but in that its showing 0MB size and HDD error.But when I will tell you that how I recovered the Data then you will be surprised.It sounds foolish but it worked for me.I have kept my dead HDD by wrapping it with polythene in the freezer for 15 min..After 2 hrs when I plugged it again it detected and recovered all the data..I don't know how but it was amazing...You can also do this experiment if you are facing the same problem.
  3. usually a clicking drive means the drive has died and you will not be able to recover any data. Contact seagate if its still under warranty.
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