OC E4500 on an asus P5ND2-SE

ive already oc'd my e4500 to 2.93ghz on this mobo. however would i be able to push it any further because the maxium fsb for the mobo is 1066mhz and that is what my cpu is at already.
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  1. what are your current oc settings - voltages, fsb, multiplier, etc.

    also, what type of ram are you using and current heat of your cpu cores.

    use Speedfan or Realtemp to find CORE temps (not CPU temps- huge difference).
  2. voltage:1.33
    FSB: 266mhz
    MULTI: 11x
    ram: ddr2 667mhz (not going to be a limiting factor)
    TEMPS: IDLE 40 LOAD 56 (using speed fan)
  3. Depending on the bios, you sould be able to go beyond 266 MHZ.
    If you choose the manual settings, you can probably exceed 266 MHZ.
    Check with CPU-Z the actual frequency.
  4. How will i know if i'm damaging the motherboard. I would be going beyond the maximum FSB if any further than 1066mhz
  5. I don't think you can damage motherboards as easily these days - they just won't boot. But, I agree that you should be able to get past 266 - you can probably hit low 300s at least with that board and cpu. Don't be afraid to go up to 1.45 with this chip.

    I built almost similar system before and got to 3.5ghz w/o much effort (I believe I used a gigabyte p35 tho...) --

    I'd recommend higher fsb and lower multi if you find a speed you want to stick to. my experience, lower mutlis seem to be more stable - but you'll need a really fast mobo.
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