LF the best single video card from now-within a month

Hey, I am looking wich video card to take for my own build...

It's going to look like this:
-E8400, Asus rampage formula, Seagate 7200.11 500GB, 4Gb Corsair DDR2 800, a 22" monitor, P182 or antec 900 case
+ a PSU and a single video card

So now I am looking wich video card is the best bang for your buck (also the ones coming out soon like in 1 month)

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  1. Get a GTX 280 thats what I got....

    Seriously though just get a ATI 4850 or wait for the 4870s
    They are cheap and powerful, the definition of "bang for your buck"

    P.S. I really do have a BFG GTX280....
  2. in my opinion go for the 9800gx2 im not just saying that because i have one but if u look at reviews the 9800gx2 is on par with the gtx280 and sometimes even better. The 9800gx2 can be found for around 400$ now, while the gtx280 is priced around 600-650$.
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