T.make Armor Case?

What do you think about THERMALTAKE VH8000BWS ARMOR Case.

XMS2 800Mhz 2x1 GB RAM
E8400 CPU
EP35-DS3R Mobo


PSU = PSU OCZ StealthXtream 600W

What do you think about it?
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  1. The Armor is a good series of cases. I have The Armor+ MX and love it. Very well built, airflow is good, runs quietly.
  2. Case is great, but their water cooling solutions are terrible. If you ever decide to try it, stay away from them.
  3. Uw. Living on Turkey too difficult!!


    VH6000BWS Armor has water cooling solution system.
    VH8000BWS ARMOR+ MX not...

    I think is that true?
    I ask 8000BWS not 6000BWS
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