Liquid vs XIGMATEK S1283 AIR Cooling

Folks - seeing some weird numbers.

First question - what should I use against the jtmax for my Q9300 - cpu temp or core temp? What about intel's published tjmax for my chip - 71.4C - is that core or cpu temp?

Next- I just instllaed a swiftech h20-220 liquid cooling for the cpu (currently running prime on it as I type) - the weirdness comes in those temps I mentioned. I had a xigmatek s1283 prior - and below are the temps before and now:

vcore 1.304 (droop to 1.28)
fsb 494
multi 7.5

Ambient Temp 27C

CPU - idle 30c
CPU - load 50c
Core - idle 44c (hottest of all 4 cores - core1)
Core - load 70c

Swiftech H20 - 220 Liquid
CPU - idle 29c
CPU - load 44c
Core - idle 44c
Core - load - 63c

Using stock liquid that came with the system. Using stock Apogee cpu block with built in pump.

Could I see better temps if I add a reservoir and used a dedicated pump with dedicated cpu block?

Am I doing something wrong? I've read a lot of reviews for this swiftech h20-220 system with 10c reduction in temps for their tests - but mine is not that much improved!

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  1. sigh - no comments? Am I truly alone on this one? =(

    Just wanted to update with a test I did - basically dropped my Q9300 down to stock speeds (2.5Ghz) and set vcore to a low 1.008v - then ran prime95 - here are the temps, with the swiftech liquid cooling:

    idle core- 44C
    load core- 52C

    Seems even at a low voltage (manually undervolted it to -0.100v from stock 1.112) that the idle core temp reads 44C - is that normal for Q9300 at no load?
  2. Sorry I couldn't help with your overall issue opti. Though I do know your idle is a bit high. Load temp is optimum IMO.
  3. *EDIT* wrong thread
  4. jesus my q9300 runs really hot too, i thiink its just a q9300 thing
  5. For an Apogee waterblock with builtin pump, 63C load under 27C ambient is about right.
    Delta between load and idle is 19C, that's very typical for an overclocked C2Q of around 3.4Ghz.

    Remember those values should not be treated as absolute. Relative difference between idle and load should be the main focus.
    For example my Q6600 @3.72Ghz 1.5225V the difference can be more than 26C even for a heavy duty water loop.
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