TV Tuners for the UK

Can anyone recommend a good TV tuner to use in the UK? The Olympics are coming up and there are certain events I want to watch, but with the timezones and all....

So my requirements are that I need an EPG and to be able to record from it. Analogue is dead I believe, so only digital will do. Dual tuner would be nice. HD is not needed, unless we'll be receiving free-view HD broadcasts of The Games. In which case I'll probably need to invest in a dish?
Not sure if I will be able to record HD though, with an Intel Pentium D 915. You can stop laughing now! Smile
PCI and PCI-e welcome and I use XP Home (not MCE!).
Some names I've seen are Terratec and Hauppauge, but I know nothing when it comes to tuners and media encoding.

Any thoughts/advice?
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