The best dvd reader and writer?

Who makes the best dvd readers and writers?I looked on newegg , but i would like a little more input!
Thank you!
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  1. Well ,,if you go by price ,,then it would be Plextor, a lot of sites seem to like the Sony's for their reviews...:)
  2. Sony will have EJECTOR Complaints,I will go with lg or liteon
  3. I use LG or liteon, never had a issue.
  4. I used to swear by Plextor and was rewarded several times by the choice with their 2-3 year warranty. But now they farm out production and it takes load of web searching to find out who actually makes what models, so I'm abit suspicious w/ ecah new purchase. last two purchases have been Asus models.
  5. I used to really like Plextor. But they are more expensive than the other choices. My first and second choice are Samsung and LG.

    I do not particularly like LiteON. That's based on an admittedly small sample - one - that died within 8 months.
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    Loved my Plextors (716 sata and 755 sata) both still work, But as JackN said Plextor got out of the OEM DVD ODD and just slaps their label on a rebadged drive.

    Currently using Plextor 755, a LG H20-L blu-ray which replaced a nice Samsung. I tend to shy away from Lite-on. Altho I did buy a internal Lite-on DVD writer to replace the defunk lite-on drive in a stand-a-lone lite-on 5005 DVD Recorder. Had to mod the case sligthly, but works fine.
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