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I unfortunately my hard drive went bad and I need the information on it! I am starting to get the "metal grinding" sound and do not want to keep turning the computer to many more times.

I can not get my main computer to boot up so I switched the hard drive to salve and installed it in second PC that I have. Everything installed fine in the Bio's and Windows explorer can see the second hard drive but my problem is I do not want to format the drive as I am prompted to do so.

My question is can I have the computer read the drive without formatting so can burn files to a CD? If not I need a plan "B". Does anyone know a reputable company locally or not to retrieve data from my hard drive?

Location is Elgin Illinois. Thanks.
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  1. don't know about the way to retrieve data yourself with a backup program, but i know the companies that do data retrieval cost a lot of money

    so the question is if the data is worth hundreds of dollars if you can't get the data yourself
  2. Kinda yes, I lost five months of baby pictures and business files for 2009. Everything else is backed up from before.
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