Can't get rid of malware that has hijacked my search engines

I stupedly clicked on a Facebook link and got some kind of malware. It will not allow me to conduct a search on Google or any other engine. Just goes to some crappy ads. I ran a quick scan, then a full scan with Malwarebytes, and it identified 2 items, got rid of them (I think). Problem still not fixed, so I re-scanned in safe mode with Malwarebytes. It said I had no bad files. The problem persists: any suggestions?
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  1. Sounds like it has changed your default internet settings for your browser -- What Browser are you using as the procedure to change it back willl vary depending on what program you use ? (Here is a link to a guide that shows how to correct it in Firefox ) - It is pretty much the same thing you would need to do for other browsers but may vary so you'd need to find instructions from whatever browser you are using.

    Or if you do not mind losing your settings etc. you could just uninstall the browser and then reinstall and it should clear things up. (Reason it is not showing in Malware Bytes etc. is that it is just a setting within the browser that can be set to whatever you want so no way off telling if it is set incorrectly !)
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