What do you think about the HEC cougar 650 PSU ?

It's the cheapest I could find for a 4850 CF system. Does it have any noise/errors I should know about ?
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  1. yea thats really not a good plan, dont cheap out on a PSU, seriously dont. a good PSU is vital. i know there expensive and i know people dont like spending money on something that doesnt directly improve performance. but buy good buy once. PSU are usually the thing that dies on a PC and cheap one are normally the first to go.

    what worse is cheap PSU have tendancy to take out other compoents when they die.

    i reccomend a PSU from Hiper, PC power and cooling, Corsair, Akasa, coolermaster. not a random no named PSU.

    also i would strongly recommend a Modular PSU.
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