Best motherboard for the new 4870 X2 ATI video card

I'm looking to buy two 4870 X2 ATI video cards for a new gaming system I am building. I'm much more familiar with NVIDIA (SLI) compatible motherboards. Can anyone suggest an ATI Crossfire compatible motherboard? My goal here is to build as fast a system as possible so I'm looking for high end suggestions in terms of performance.
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  1. Why would you spend $1000+ just on video cards? I hope you realise that you need a 2560x1600 panel to get the best out of that...

    Why dont you be more sensible and by one 4870x2 and put it on a P45 mobo and be happy?
  2. if money is not an issue you can never have a rig that is just too fast can you?
  3. money is not an issue and I have four monitors which is why i'm getting two video cards.
  4. This is just a guess but I think the best thing for a person in your position would be to wait for Core i7 and build a system around that. The Intel boards overclock nicely and support XFire.
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